Entering the crux corner

Doing the ‘splits’

Davie and I have been upto the Pass of Ballater recently making use of an afternoon in the sunshine. Surprisingly there were no other climbers about even with the lack of midgies and 23 degrees so we had our pick of the takings. Having climbed allot of the routes in my grade range we I led The Splits (HVS,5b) for the second before Davie climbed Giant Flake Route (VS,4b). We then did Convoy (VS,4c) before I had a shot at Bluttered (E1,5a) which I found a bit of a struggle. We finished the day off by both leading the short but fun Strawberry Ripple (VS,5a). I hope to be back here to tick off Anger and Lust in the next few weeks!