Its great to be back on home soil after being away for so long. The last 10 weeks I have been dieting and training hard aiming to loose some weight to give my fingers a little more advantage. I’ve never taken a training approach to climbing before but my routine has kept me focused whilst I continue to work outside of Mountaineering for the next 8 months or so. Inspiration comes in the form of the Hindu Kush!


Hindu kush at sunset

I have spent the last week firmly glued to the weather in the hope that winter arrives with a blast. Aswell as dusting off the icetools I have been training at A Vertical World which I am happy to say has confirmed that training has made a real difference to the grades I am capable of.

With winter routes steadily popping up on blogs and ticklists I am praying the following weeks will see an increase in the white stuff – watch this space for a little winter action…..