Plenty of snow anyway...

Plenty of snow anyway…

Having only just settled into Chamonix life and looking froward to Christmas, just like that we have returned to the UK and been back into the Scottish mountains! I have to say we are both super disappointed to put a stop to our travelling year but in the end major challenges (that I wont go into here) began to take their toll and the journey just became too stressful. We plan to have at least another session in Chamonix this winter and a good Summer Alpine season to look forward to so all is not lost with our retreat to home soil. To try and releave some of the misery Davie and I went to Glencoe yesterday taking advantage of a lull in the storm force winds that have been battering the UK. With some serious determination we managed to get on Shelf Route (IV,6) on Buachaille Etive Mor which was simply plastered in wet snow making progress pretty slow and sloppy. Usually the approach to Rannoch Wall area takes about an hour but the conditions were suitably Scottish and it took nearly three times that to wade through the chest deep snow. There was evidence of a recent, large avalanche that had come down Crowbery Gully and plenty of other patches and slopes that needed careful inspection/avoidance. Overall there was no frozen turf where we climbed today, plenty of snow on the mountain, some dicey areas on N through to NE aspects and plenty of ice forming high up on the mountain. Our descent was straight back down the route via a series of abseils followed by another quicksand/snow experience to get back to the car. Scotland – I am back!

No camera today, only blurry phone shots im afraid!



Deep snow all the way!

Deep snow all the way!