Wave Buttress is seeing a bit of a resurgence lately. There are lots of routes with plenty of chalk on them including On The Beach which I managed to climb at the start of the season just after Kev made the first ascent of Cu Sith. Dave added another E7/8 to the crag last week which he called Final Wave, the route runs close to Frantic across the Atlantic which is another bold offering of Wave Buttress. Since then a few of us have been up there trying lines both new and old.

Dave working the crux of Cu Sith

There aren’t many climbers racing to repeat the 25 meters of technical, tenuous, E7 slab climbing however yesterday I was up there again with Dave and Kev to see what could be done in the ever warming temperatures. Baking in the sunshine the repeat wasn’t quite ‘on’ today although progress was made on the wall I have been trying to the right of Teenoso. The progress is inspiring seems its technicalities lie at such a high level, way harder than anything I have tried before anyway. A bit more finger strength and maybe, just maybe…….

Next week I am off to the Isle of Skye for some work and play!

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