Zero Gully, Ben Nevis

Zero Gully, Ben Nevis

Brutal and beautiful go hand in hand to describe conditions here in Scotland. Mountaineering in the colder months provides a unique and challenging experience that tests skills at every level, why not allow us to safeguard some of that risk and pass on our experience and knowledge to ensure a more enjoyable time in the mountains? Previously our Winter Mountaineering Guides have introduced people to winter walking, navigating and basic winter mountaineering skills aswell as developing people into self sufficient Scottish Ice Climbers. It’s also been our pleasure to run bespoke training for people taking part in worldwide expeditions.

Vertical Fever will provide a professional Winter Mountain Guide who will be able to tailor your course to match aspirations and fitness levels. From basics to jumaring up ropes – your adventure starts here.

The experience of climbing four exciting routes and all the skills learnt will be really useful for future personal climbing and mountaineering. I learnt lots of things far beyond just mountain skills – 

S. Hu, Intro to Winter Mountaineering

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