Making good use of dry, cold conditions, the last couple of days have been spent back at Glen Shian. Kev was keen to try Skyfall (E6,6b) and I wanted to have a look at Dave’s Apophenia. The latter is certainly on my wish list but I feel I need to consolidate before making another leap in the world of extreme grades. I had a play on a couple of other routes before spotting a potential line that hadn’t been climbed. This turned into a great route that would probably warrant E4 if it wasn’t escapable at half height. It takes the delicate flake to the right of Buried Treasure.

Stand Fast (E3,6a)

Start easily up cracks and flakes before reaching good protection just before the break. Climb boldly up the delicate thin flake finishing left of the heather. Crux is at the top.

On the initial moves.....

On the initial moves (Photo Conor McCarthy)

Eyeing up the crux......

Eyeing up the crux……(Photo Conor McCarthy)

'Stand Fast' E3,6a

‘Stand Fast’ E3,6a (Photo Conor McCarthy)

Kev made good progress on Skyfall, infact more than good progress, he climbed it easily on top rope but thought he wanted more time before committing to this super E6. We will be back!

Kev hard at work on 'Skyfall' E6,6b

Kev hard at work on ‘Skyfall’ E6,6b (Photo Conor McCarthy)


2 Responses to “‘Stand Fast’”

  1. Geoff Hewitt

    Nice one Steve. Jealous of you being able to snatch these mid week days! Keepit up!


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