Approaching Hadrians Wall Direct

Approaching Hadrians Wall Direct

Colin enjoying the first pitch

Colin enjoying the first pitch

Whilst Colin and I were on our Winter ML assessment we had mentioned teaming up for a bit of winter action, luckily today was due to be a colder day, sandwiched in-between a bit of a heavy thaw. It had to be ice which meant it was back to Ben Nevis for the classic Hadrians Wall Direct (V,5). The route was pretty mushy, which was expected after such a heavy thaw. There were a few good ice screws to be found but it certainly wasn’t what you would call bomber gear. At least the ice was good for axes, I felt a pair of crampons with big wide, flat front points would have been better than my mono’s! Loads of spidrift coming in all directions, kit encrusted in thick ice – a proper Scottish day out!

Now you see him.....

Now you see him…..

Now you dont!

Now you dont!

Great day out!

Great day out!

Lots of other teams about enjoying the ice, Ken found similar conditions on Indicator R/H. Point Five looked broken before the second pitch but I couldn’t be sure. So there’s lots of ice left on the Ben, with a good bit of cold air it will all be perfect again!

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