Tony, Cameron and I enjoyed the classic Ben Nevis outing of the CMD yesterday. The guys were celebrating milestone birthdays; Tony had just turned 50 and Cameron 18! We had a dry and settled start to the day but cloud and rain soon rolled in leaving us damp but not in spirits. The guys appreciated being away from the crowds and although tired were very happy with their achievement. I was working for Lochaber Guides.


Today I returned to Ben Nevis for another classic outing, this time with John who had travelled all the way from Dorset to tackle Tower Ridge. Again the morning was lovely and dry, treating us to a much needed sunny approach and Ben Nevis showing itself in all its glory. As the day rolled on the weather rolled in and although we got wet the rain didnt really amount to much.

Tower Ridge Tower Ridge Tower Ridge Tower Ridge Tower Ridge

This evening it suddenly occurred to me that I had totally forgotten to blog about a recent ascent of Tower Ridge with Simon! Who knows how this slipped through the net as not only was the ascent really enjoyable and done in favourable conditions I also got to run down from the CIC Hut: it was Simon’s idea and who was I to disagree – great fun! Both days I was working for West Coast Mountain Guides

Tower Ridge Tower Ridge Tower Ridge

One Response to “CMD & Tower Ridge x2”

  1. Simon Sansnomme

    LOL Steve I was just browsing and thought one of your pics looked familiar…. the shin has just about healed over now. Nice to follow your new adventures!


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