Ben Nevis Winter Climbing

After a slow start to the winter, I was chomping at the bit to get out today. Rich and Iain made up a sociable team as we walked into the Ben to see what we could climb. Its still pretty black looking below 900m but lovely and snowy up high. There was a little deliberation before we decided to head up to the Ciste and climb Lost The Place (V,5). Its a nice route up ramps and grooves that were nice and icy today making excavating a little time consuming. At least the verglass cracks seem to have subsided a little.

Ben Nevis Winter Climbing Ben Nevis Winter Climbing Ben Nevis Winter Climbing received_1213395378756196

Pretty quiet on the Ben, one team on Green Gully and Casper plus team climbed Thompsons Route on Number 3 Buttress. Another good forecast tomorrow to take advantage of…..