Conditions are tough at the minute, there’s enough snow to bring the mixed lines into condition but not quite enough moisture to hold everything together. Its this glue’ we are currently missing but with some freeze/thaw cycles due this week and a stormy outlook, hopefully by the weekend things will be on the up again.

Ken and I were up and about early, catching the cliffs nice and white before the temperature rises a little this evening. After a few meters on the 1st pitch it was clear our intended route wasn’t in the best condition so we salvaged the day on South Gully in Coire na Ciste. we thought this snowy grade III gully would make an excellent work route however, today it certainly wasn’t grade III. With very little ice and little in the way of protection it made for a serious outing. The final pitch had some good snow ice but I cant recommend it in its current condition. A few teams out enjoying the alpine weather but pretty quiet on Ben Nevis considering.

South Gully Ben Nevis South Gully Ben Nevis South Gully Ben Nevis