The last couple of days have been spent over in the Cairngorms scouting out venues I haven’t worked in before in preparation for an upcoming assessment. Lynn was happy to be a bod yesterday, having climbed allot in the past but not much in the last few years she was an ideal person to have along for the day. We went to a minor East facing crag called Creagan Cha-No which serves its purpose well when the Northern corries are buried or difficult to approach safely. After a slight blunder when I walked right past the crag we eventually got stuck into an abseil approach down Recovery gully before climbing back out of Anvil Gully (IV) in 3 short pitches. The turf isnt frozen at the crag but the rocks are in typical Cairngorm mixed condition providing a really fun top pitch that Lynn dispatched in style.

After a late drop out this morning, I whipped into coire an t’sneachda on my own to check out a good teaching venue before heading home to Fort. There is allot of fresh snow being deposited on northerly aspects at the moment. A little caution and awareness of the SIAS avalanche forecast is required over half term week.

Anvil Gully creagan cha-no Anvil Gully creagan cha-no Anvil Gully creagan cha-no Anvil Gully creagan cha-no