The freezing level dropped overnight and was due to stay below the summits until midday. With this in mind we had an early start to try and avoid the monsoon and maybe just maybe climb some ice too. I’d done Glovers Chimney in November 2012 during a cold snap. It was more wintry then than it was today – mid March! Anyway, it didn’t stop us enjoying a nice ice pitch to get into the route (mushy) then some great but verglassed mix climbing to get into Tower Gap. By the time we topped out on Tower Ridge it was raining and getting quite windy, we made a beeline for the red burn which was broken and awkward to descend. Marie had what I would call an experiential learning day, lots of little things making life a tad difficult for her. We all have our own battles whilst climbing in winter, it feels quite disheartening at the time but we learn from these days which makes us more efficient and better climbers in the future.