Mascot for the day

Kev, Jane and I had an amazing day climbing rocks yesterday. Yep, the spring season has arrived when we can climb ice, ski, bike or go rock climbing; its an amazing time of year and possibly my favourite too. Having had plenty of success at the small but perfectly formed Beinn Bheag Slab, Kev and I both had projects we wanted to get done so we can move on to other objectives burning away in the back of our minds. After a short (freezing) session in January and a further one last week, I managed to get the nerve to tie into the sharp end and climb Skyfall (E6,6b) which could possibly be the 4th ascent of this precarious slab climb.

Getting to know the route on bottom rope

Building psyche for the head-point!

Game on…… very reachy initial moves to get to the only gear on the route at just over 1/3 height

Great climbing

Through the crux which relies on a crimpy sidepull that I broke last week….

Stretching for the jug & top

Kev had been busy on what might be the final new route to be done at the crag. Again, pulling the top rope to get on lead needed some convincing but he came away with The 45 (E4,6a) which runs up and left of Jacobite Rising on the side wall of the crag. Jane was on hand to snap some cracking photos (all credits to her!) and Goose tagged along for moral support!

Some practice and a little cleaning revealed a great route up the sidewall

Rubbish gear in place, its game on

On the jugs way above that poor pro…

A Happy Kev Shields!

Celebrating Scottish style!