The North face was pretty quiet today. Aside from teams heading towards No2 Gully, Tower Ridge and high up in Observatory; we had the Ciste to ourselves which was surprising considering the return to winter and plenty of rime on the rocks. After climbing No2 Gully on Monday Neil and I went for something a little steeper; No3 Gully Buttress (III,4) which was really enjoyable. The lower pitches were as good as they have been all season, the upper traverse was a little dry but it was certainly wintry enough, much like typical mid January. Things were melting fast, the white and rime ice from recent Northerly winds dissapearing as we finished the final direct pitch. Shame it wont last for one final winter hit…….

Neil enjoying the delights of No2 Gully on Monday

A wintry Ben Nevis this morning

Neil getting to grips with No3 Gully Buttress today

Lots of rime, unfortunately stripping quickly this afternoon