I spend most of my spring / summer guiding on the Isle of Skye so yesterday it was nice to be back on home turf for a day out on the Ben Nevis classic: Tower Ridge. I’ve completed lots of climbs and scrambles with Dave and Heather so working with these two is more like a day out with friends now.

We enjoyed spectacular views on the walk into the North Face with blue skies and a keen wind to keep us cool. I knew the rain was set to arrive by late morning so we savored the weather knowing it would get a little damp the higher we went. The approach up East gully was, as always; loose and friable, but we made good progress taking in the Douglas Chimney to access the ridge. From here nice scrambling led us upto to the Little Tower where the drizzle started to take hold. By the time we had traversed over to the gap it was raining hard but it didn’t detract from a great day in even better company on one of the most sought after routes on Ben Nevis.