The summer is still yet to materialise in the Highlands of Scotland, but occasionally we do get a glimpse of how good it can be, and when its good its really good.

Last week I was out with John and Ben, their aim was to summit the Inaccessible Pinnacle on Skye’s Cuillin Ridge. It was a cool day with allot of mist and a biting North Westerly wind but most importantly: it was dry. Any day I am not in a waterproof on Skye is a real bonus. Although not a busy day on the ridge things were quite slow moving in front of us but John and Ben savored the midway belay and we were soon on route to Sgurr na Banachdich.

The next day I was out with Jim and his good mate Kev. Again the ‘In Pinn’ was the objective at which, we managed to be first inline this time. A swift descent and an ascent of Sgurr MhicChoinnich is one of the finest days out on the Cuillin especially when under blue skies and a gentle breeze.

Ofcourse Skye doesn’t allow great weather to last for too long, so unfortunately by the time Jerry and Paul arrived to tackle a full traverse the blip of high pressure had dissipated allowing strong a South Westerly and drizzle to envelope the Cuillin. It didn’t spoil our fun though, we made an ascent of Pinnacle Ridge followed by a traverse of Am Basteir and an adventurous rap out of the Kings Cave.