Sgurr Alasdiar looking Himalayan above the cloud

Last Tuesday had to be one of the best weather days I have experienced on Skye. The combination of a cool wind, cloud inversion and warm sunshine was a refreshing change; a day that is certainly a diamond in the rough – the story of summer 2017 so far!

Jeremy, David and Rob requested a classic Skye day, in-particular a Lagan round which David had done nearly 30 years ago, only this time we would do it in reverse. Arriving at the In Pinn to see nobody else there was a real bonus, sunny days like this on Skye often attract a queue at Scotland’s most difficult Munro but today we had it to ourselves. Following this we made short work of Sgurr MhicCoinnich along Collies Ledge and up onto Thearlaich before dropping down and reascending back to Alasdair. A fine day with Brocken Spectre’s, amazing weather and largely we were without company. I was working for West Coast Mountain Guides.

David enjoying the In Pinn 27 years after first climbing it

Rob having done very little climbing was in his element

One of those days .!

Iain guiding his clients tot he summit of MhicCoinnich having just done Kings Chimney

Got to be an amazing way to descend


One Response to “Inversion, Brocken Spectre, Blue Skies: All to Ourselves”

  1. Gary Healeas

    Did the Cuillin in May with Ken and Scott, sadly the clag was with us most of the four days but it was still a sensational week 👍


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