Private Guiding is at the core of our work, the idea of having an instructor tailor make an adventure to suit your aspiration is very appealing. You may have a particular route that requires technical climbing which you wish to be safeguarded on. Or, you desire an esoteric challenge where professional companionship would be welcome. Some of our clients like to have a day of private guiding before embarking on a week long course and just as popular is to extend their learning with an ascent of something more challenging. We understand that people live busy lives and can be tied to certain dates and timings; it is here where we excel. Private Guiding allows a greater degree of flexibility in specific instruction, group size and personal ambitions. The vast majority want an adventurous challenge and we aim to deliver just that!

I have met Steve a few times for instruction courses in mountaineering. I am always impressed with his calm and collected tuition whilst feeling very safe. Every time I have had an awesome experience learning new skills and getting out into stunning locations – 

C.Young, Alpine Training

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A participant ratio of 1 guide to 2 clients is ideal for rock climbing, scrambling and winter climbing. It is feasible to instruct with a higher ratio however route objectives will have to be adjusted accordingly to manage this. Additional guides offer another option for larger groups but the premium will be adjusted to reflect this.


The word ‘guiding’ is commonplace amongst the Outdoor Profession. Sure, our aim is to help ‘guide’ you in the mountains but this doesn’t mean instruction and coaching are second place to your experience. Please make the most of your Guide, Instructor or Leader for they have all gone through rigorous training and assessment courses to make sure your experience is at the highest quality you expect. Ask them what qualifications they hold as I am sure they will be proud to educate you about their journey into the Outdoor Profession. For more information on Mountain Qualifications please use the links below.

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